iOS 16: As the release date draws near, Apple is distributing beta 8


We are only a few days away from the Apple Keynote, which will reveal the iPhone 14 for the first time. Apple is now releasing the most recent beta of its next operating system. The next Apple conference will take place on September 7.

The expected Keynote will also push us closer to the launch of iOS 16 if numerous products, including the Apple Watch Pro as an additional item, are unveiled there. A new beta version with just minor updates came before the initial release.

The iPhone 14s should be on sale around September 17, according to speculations going about for a few days. In terms of iOS 16, it may start rolling out a few days before the company’s new Apple iPhones launch.

The Cupertino company’s event is less than a week away, so even if, for the time being, this is only noise coming from the hallways, we won’t have to wait long to find out the answers. However, one thing is lovely and undeniably true: Apple has recently provided developers with a last (and modest) upgrade with the release of the eighth OS beta.

It is genuine (and typical) to see this beta 8 offer minor modifications in light of the many features introduced in previous weeks across the different beta versions. This one is happy to fix a few relatively small problems.

As the public release draws near, this version’s primary goal is to lay the groundwork and ensure that everything functions as expected. We’ll see you on September 7 at 20:00(Kenyan Time) to learn the precise release time for iOS 16 and the iPhone 14!