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Most Important Cars in Human History

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How have cars changed over time? It’s better to plunge into history through the features of different years’ models. There are some cars, which may not have been the best but their influence on the 4-wheeled vehicles development can hardly be overestimated.

1920: Detroit Electric

This is one of the very first electric cars in history, which was produced by Anderson Electric Car Company. The power reserve of this car for its time was impressive – 129 km. The modified version of the Detroit Electric set a world record for travel distance on a single charge – 241 miles (388 km). About 13.000 electric vehicles were produced in total.

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1921: Lincoln Model L

This car is the first in the Lincoln Motor Company product line and can be called cutting-edge technology wrapped in an outdated cover. Despite a wheelbase of 3.3 m and a V8 with 81 HP, people were reluctant to buy a car because of the backward design. As a result, Lincoln was bought by Ford and continued to sell this model in the luxury car segment.

1922: Doble Steam Car

The company experimented with the production of steam-powered machines in the 1920s. Only 36 cars were built with a steam propulsion system from 1922 to 1931, which had an incredible power of 150 HP for those times.

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1923: Lancia Lambda

The car received a light load-bearing body instead of a heavy body structure on a frame for the first time in the world. This vehicle was perceived as a true technical masterpiece. In addition, the Lambda had an independent front suspension and a V4 engine. It was really successful so Lancia cars were equipped with it until the 1960s.

1924: Oakland 6-54

The car boasted technical innovations: for example, its body was covered with quick-drying Dupont paint. Brakes were installed on all 4 wheels, which other cars in this class did not have. The Pontiac brand owes its creation to this model.

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1926: Chrysler Imperial 80

The Imperial model competed with more luxurious Cadillac and Lincoln cars. It was produced in several body styles and the main difference was the then-powerful 92 HP engine, which accelerated the car to 80 miles per hour (129 km/h) – hence the numbers in the model name.

1927: LaSalle

The LaSalle brand was created by GM for those who wanted to buy a car better than a Buick but cheaper than a Cadillac. LaSalle was a more stylish version of Cadillac on the same GM platform, which is why it was in great demand and was produced until 1940.

1928: Duesenberg Model J

The elegant sports car had an incredibly powerful and technically perfect engine with a capacity of 265 HP, which, having later received a compressor and a new SJ index, developed a power of 320 HP. Its bodies were produced by many studios, so all Duesenberg Model J were unique and cost a lot of money. Movie stars and industrial magnates, as well as gangsters, bought these cars.

1929: Chevrolet Series AC International

The model was distinguished by an in-line 6-cylinder Stovebolt engine, which, in the eyes of buyers, made it possible to win the competition from Ford cars with their 4-cylinder engines. In addition, this unit worked much smoother and quieter, which allowed the car to take the second line in the sales ranking. Ford models still remained in the first place.

1930: Bentley 8 Liter

This is the last car designed by company founder Walter Owen Bentley and released before the Bentley brand was sold to Rolls-Royce. The 230 HP engine could accelerate the car to 160 km/h.

All these cars are now perceived as rarities and can only be seen in private collections and museums. Despite this many car lovers prefer to modify the available Soviet cars to get an amazing item for their collection or just fix the car to keep it running. Some people might think that it’s hard to find decent retro auto parts for Soviet vehicles but the Autoclassic Company completely dispels this myth and offers a lot of high-quality details that can be easily installed for further usage. Come in touch with the company specialists to get a consultation and find out all the answers. Make your dreams come true with the help of the Autoclassic Company.

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