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WatchOS 9 will provide Apple’s smartwatches with a battery-saving mode

by Joseph Richard
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The Apple Watch has a lot of functions, but some of them affect the watch’s battery Life. Since the release of the original Apple Watch in 2015, the Californian company has never been able to increase the device’s battery life, which is now capped at 18 hours.

While Apple’s most recent versions, such as the Apple Watch Series 7 and the future Apple Watch Series 8, have increased charging capabilities, it was never easy to avoid the linked watch turning off after a full day.

The manufacturer’s sole option was a “Reserve Mode” that disabled all linked capabilities and limited the Apple Watch’s display to only the time. Nothing is beneficial. Thus, smartwatch owners often have the reflex to tinker with the settings to turn off certain functions like the always-on screen.

This mode is comparable to that seen on iPhones and iPads. The watch continues to function after being launched, but the operating system will automatically disable several capabilities to protect the device’s battery.

Apple mentions that the always-on screen will be disabled and only activate when the wrist is lifted. Additionally, disabled will be background tasks, heart rate alerts, automated exercise recognition, and cellular connection for devices with an eSIM.

According to the manufacturer, the autonomy doubles from 18 to 36 hours of usage once the energy-saving mode is engaged. Having the day or weekend finish without a charger is lovely news.

On September 12th, watchOS 9 will be made available for download.

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