Intel  and Broadcom reveal Wi-Fi 7 that  boasts speeds of more than 5 gigabits per second


A new step has been made in the demonstrations of Wi-Fi 7’s capabilities. The next iPhone will only support Wi-Fi 6, but Intel and Broadcom have already considered the future for some time.

 This is even though Wi-Fi 6 compatible devices, specifically 6E, are still battling to gain traction. And both businesses showed last week that the outcomes were quite encouraging.

More specifically, Intel and Broadcom showed a Wi-Fi 7 throughput demonstration with a value of more than 5 Gbit/s. The partners utilized a Dell laptop with an Intel Core CPU and a Broadcom Wi-Fi 7 card to conduct their test.

Wi-Fi 7 represents a wireless technology that Intel and Broadcom hope will be able to establish itself over the next 10 years. They are not the sole qualities of this technology, though.

Due to Wi-Fi 6’s 160 MHz bandwidth cap, Wi-Fi 7 will be allowed to utilize 320 MHz channels. Above all, he will be able to take advantage of the 6 GHz frequency band, which is currently unoccupied, and will therefore be able to reach its full potential for a few years.

Supporters of Wi-Fi 7 quickly point out the many opportunities presented by this next generation of wireless, highlighting features like virtual reality and augmented reality, ultra-high resolution streaming, and in-game responsiveness more closely related to real-time than ever.

Barring a disaster, Wi-Fi 7 should become official in 2023, and the first goods that support it may hit the market the same year.