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Google is working hard to get its new Pixel smartphone line on the market

by Joseph Richard
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Our smartphones have had an XXL size with a touch display that surpasses the 6″ diagonal for a few years. There was a time when people valued compact smartphones. However, this same “small” style doesn’t appear to work for our contemporary behaviors anymore.

 The new iPhone 14 series has stopped the dreams of the Cupertino firm in this sector. If Apple attempted the iPhone small experiment for two generations, the problem is likely a very (very) low demand.

The Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station thinks that Google will continue to work on a new flagship with a small screen and that the “mini” style won’t be entirely dropped. A smartphone with a touch screen with a diagonal smaller than the Pixel 6a’s built-in 6.1″ screen. Remember the 5.4″ screen on the iPhone mini?

For the  Pixel 7, Google would undoubtedly need to make several adjustments to create a more tiny smartphone, both aesthetically and strictly from a technology one. Such a phone would also have a smaller battery and may skip several capabilities seen on the other Pixels, particularly on the camera section’s side.

It is still unknown if Google is developing such a smartphone, as well as whether people will be open to switching back to a more portable design after using smartphones with “huge screens” for several years.

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