On your iPhone, it is possible to uninstall security updates


The new iPhone 14’s unveiling generated a lot of buzzes, but maybe not for the best reasons. Despite the few new features included, the cost of smartphones in this category is enough to make you groan.

 Additionally, the Tim Cook-led corporation raised its prices for battery replacements. As a result, people have the right to anticipate some positive news, such as introducing new features. And Apple surprises in this regard.

Today, we discovered that Apple would let users of an iPhone running iOS 16 manually uninstall security fixes issued through Rapid Security Response, according to a document uncovered by MacRumors.

You must go to the “Settings” menu on the phone, then to “General,” and lastly to the “About” page to complete the process. Then, to have the option to delete a previously downloaded security patch, you must hit the installed iOS version.

 Currently, we are unsure of the precise purpose of such a choice. Unless maybe a critical user application fails after a patch has been downloaded. This is only relevant for security updates applied via Rapid Security Response.

Remember that this approach enables you to access the most recent security-related data without upgrading your smartphone.