[Rumor]Google Pixel Tablet: Information On The Screen Type And  Storage Options Is Revealed


The Google Pixel tablet market continues to pick up steam, and Google wants to get into the dance. The brand has expressed its ambition to launch a model in 2023 called the Pixel Tablet.

The Pixel Tablet is no longer a simple prototype and is entering its “EVT.” In other words, Google is currently working on the slate’s final design and is still adjusting the technical components embedded in the device.

This is how the first interesting elements surface. The Pixel Tablet would therefore have a 10.95-inch screen and two variants for internal storage: 128 and 256 GB. It would also rely on compatibility with Wi-Fi 6. The internal documents on which the Kuba Wojciechowski could get his hands would also evoke a Google stylus. Recall that the Google tablet should work with many pens thanks to its USI certification.

Some time ago, this same Wojciechowski discovered that the Pixel Tablet would be equipped with the same 8-megapixel photo sensor on the front and back. Recall that this tablet will be animated by a Tensor chip, but Google has not specified which one.