iPhone 15 Ultra: A Significant Gap with a range  Come 2023


iPhone 15 rumors and Leaks are already up, a few weeks after the iPhone series was unveiled. It is mentioned[Mark Gurman, Bloomberg] that Apple would utilize its resources to replace the iPhone 14 Pro Max with the iPhone 15 Ultra the following year

There will be a makeover with the anticipated iPhones come 2023. Many hope that the Cupertino firm will “ at least” consider the move to USB-C and the potential replacement of the Pro Max with a new Ultra variant.

There is little doubt that up until this point, when Apple employed this phrase, it meant a genuine separation from the rest of a line. Consider the Apple Watch Ultra or the Mac Studio with M1 Ultra as examples of items significantly separating themselves from the competition.

In the Video, Watch Technizo Concept of the iPhone 15 Ultra

We may anticipate that many additional ranges would follow if Apple came to use this logic on its most significant product, the iPhone. For instance, a MacBook Ultra or an iPad Ultra comes to mind.

This positioning may make sense in any case in the mature smartphone industry since it would allow for a return to innovation by selling goods at prohibitive prices while continuing to produce more traditional ranges to secure income. Whatever decision Apple made, it would then join forces with its most significant rivals.