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Escape from Tarkov: Basic Guide and Tips for Beginners

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If you have been looking for an incredible shooter for a long time, then Escape from Tarkov is exactly what you need to play. This game has gained popularity in recent years, even though its release took place more than five years ago.

The game has won the love of players around the world due to how realistic it is. Players complete tasks in various locations, searching for valuable loot. Their goal is to eliminate rivals to eventually find a way out of the ill-fated city.

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The most important thing under all conditions is to stay alive, which is quite difficult. After death, players can lose everything they found earlier.

Escape from Tarkov captivates and engages from the very first minutes. If you’re interested in getting started, we’ll walk you through everything a beginner needs to know.

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While you are away from the battlefield, you can search for NPCs from whom you can buy various goods, as well as receive tasks. You can also view your overall stats and view your cache.

In the main menu of the cache, you can view all the items that you managed to find or get. It can be various things, objects, as well as weapons. On the left side, you can see what your character looks like, as well as what equipment you are wearing.

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Here you will find a tab at the top showing your health level. It needs to be viewed while you are in combat. Out of combat, all your indicators will be normal.

Character health

In the health tab, you can find 7 slots that are responsible for different parts of your fighter’s body. With non-life-threatening damage, you have a chance to get to the evacuation site. However, if critical organs are damaged, then your chances of survival are greatly reduced. If one of the slots is damaged, then this will mean that soon all your health indicators will deteriorate until death occurs.

To prevent a quick death, you need medicines. In such situations, analgin, as well as morphine, can help you get to the evacuation point alive. However, it is worth remembering that due to drugs, your fighter will begin to thirst. If you do not drink water, then dehydration will occur due to which your character will also die.

Weapons and equipment

When it’s time to go on a raid in Escape from Tarkov, you need to take care to equip your fighter well. You will have a vest where you can place clips for your weapons, as well as the necessary medicines in case of bleeding. Using clips from the vest, you can reload your weapons faster.

In addition to the vest, you will have a backpack. You can put additional weapons and other necessary items in it. However, it all depends on what size backpack you have. By placing additional clips in the backpack, the reloading process will be longer. If your player is killed on the battlefield, then all things in the backpack will be lost.

You will also have a protective container with you. There you can put items and weapons found during the raid. This container is important because even after your death, you will not lose the things that are in it.

You must be prepared for the fact that the fights can be fierce. Some raids can be quite difficult, so we recommend that you use Tarkov boosting, thanks to which you can achieve fast leveling, get new weapons, and much more.

You should stock up on the necessary medicines. Make sure you have bandages, painkillers, and splints in your first aid kit to help stop the bleeding.

Sometimes during a fight, you can lose all your weapons. If you do not have enough money to buy a new one, then you can safely go into battle, even with a knife or an ax. However, you should not run into battle, as you have a low chance of success and a high chance of dying. You should wait until the dead soldiers appear, from whom you can pick up weapons, as well as other things.

Not everyone has enough in-game currency to purchase the weapons they want. You should not be upset because of this, because you can offer the merchant other valuable goods in exchange. In exchange for what you want to get, you can offer other weapons, various figurines, as well as other valuable items. 

Fight not only online

Although Escape from Tarkov is online, you can also play offline battles. You will not be able to fight other real users, but you will be able to engage in fights with Scavs. They are controlled by artificial intelligence.

These fights are important not only because you can gain experience, but also because you can get to know locations better. During such raids, you will be able to find places where there are weapon boxes, as well as other important locations. You should memorize such places so that you can easily and quickly navigate in space during battles with real users.

Artificial intelligence controls the Scavs. However, in Escape from Tarkov, everyone can get the opportunity to play for one of these bots. Once every twenty minutes, you will be given this opportunity.


Along with other shooters, Escape from Tarkov is now more popular among players around the world. The game surprises with its realism, as well as thoughtful details. The above tips and tricks will help you get started quickly and easily and show good results. Remember that you need to stay alive so as not to lose everything valuable that you have.

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