Google Pixel Fold: The First Visual Of The Expected Foldable Phone Appears


The first folding phones appeared on the smartphone market a few years ago. Smartphones with foldable screens that open to become tablets, like the Galaxy Z Fold 4) can also be used as old-fashioned flip phones like the Motorola Razr.

While waiting for Apple, if Samsung, Motorola, or Huawei have already made a name for themselves, Google should follow suit shortly. Front Page Tech created some renderings to determine the appearance of this Pixel Fold based on various sources declared to be entirely credible.

Therefore, the Google Pixel Fold should choose a smartphone/tablet configuration similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. The next folding Google phone might contain a large picture area with everything the Pixel line is known for.

The smartphone would take on a traditional “format” when folded, with a large screen taking up almost the whole surface. The front camera would be situated in a little punch at the top, and the fingerprint sensor would be next to the ignition button on the side. We discovered a Tensor G2 chip inside.

Regarding pricing, it is reported that the next Google Pixel Fold might be offered for $1,799 or less. A user may choose between two hues, Chalk or Obsidian; however, the latter will have to wait as the Pixel Fold won’t be shown until the next Google I/0 conference in May 2023.