Study: Toyota cars dominate in models that last beyond 200,000 miles, Land Cruiser at number 2


Vehicle prices remain at all-time highs, forcing many drivers to keep their older vehicles longer than ever. iSeeCars recently conducted a deep dive into the high-mileage car market, surveying over two million mainstream vehicles dating back 20 years to determine which brands and models last the longest.

If you’re wondering what “mainstream” means in the study, it’s defined as a car model that was sold for at least ten of the 20 years considered in the study. 

According to the survey, Toyota is the dominant brand; in fact, Toyota holds no less than half of the top 20 vehicles with the longest possible lifespan. Furthermore, the company holds six of the top ten positions. Honda is a distant second, with three vehicles on the list. Ford, GMC, and Chevrolet tie for third place with two vehicles each. 

The top three vehicles are as follows: the Chevrolet Suburban came in third at 265,732 miles, the Toyota Land Cruiser came in second with a lifespan of 280,236 miles, and the Toyota Sequoia held the top spot with a potential lifespan of 296,509 miles.

It’s no surprise given Toyota’s reputation for longevity over many decades, but keep in mind that vehicle longevity is certainly dependent on a variety of factors outside of automakers’ control, with driving style and maintenance being the most important.

You can check the full list of models here but some spoilers, the Toyota Prius is among the top ten and the iconic Ford F-150 is among the top 20.