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Telegram Has Revealed an Update That Will Enable New Users to Sign Up Without a SIM Card

by Vanessa Waithera
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Telegram has revealed an update that would enable SIM-free signup for new users.

Users can log in using an anonymous number powered by blockchain that is made available on the Fragment platform, according to the company, and the functionality focuses on privacy. It suggests that anyone who finds it awkward to share their real phone numbers must get an anonymous number on Fragment.

Still, it gives Telegram a minor advantage over WhatsApp and Signal, which demand personal telephone numbers for the platform’s one-time password (OTP). To use the function, select Get Started, Start Messaging, enter the Fragment phone number and then enter the platform’s verification code.

With its latest update, Telegram is also introducing new features. For instance, users can now automatically delete all chats. Self-destructing messages have been available on the messaging platform since 2013. It enables users to completely delete any messages they send or receive on either side. They can also set up auto-delete timers to clear out individual chats after a predetermined amount of time.

Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Auto-Remove Messages to enable the feature that will automatically delete all chats.

No matter who initiates a new chat with you, the timer will be immediately applied. It also holds true for fresh groupings. Subjects 2.0 is one of the new features that allow group administrators to better organise group topics by splitting them up into different threads. Users of Telegram with public usernames can create QR codes to easily connect with those in their immediate vicinity. If you don’t have a username and are trying to keep your phone number private, the platform now allows you to create a temporary QR code.

In addition, emojis that were previously available on the Android client can now be searched for by iPhone Telegram users. Telegram advises users to visit the Translation Platform to suggest a change if an emoji keyword is missing. At the beginning of a message, users can start typing terms like “happy” or “smile” to get suggested emojis.

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