iPhone, iPad: why you can’t watch Netflix via HDMI anymore


It seems that users of Apple devices running iOS 16 are having difficulties streaming DRM-protected content from platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming services using HDMI adapters. While it’s still possible to cast the screen of the device in question, the display on the TV becomes black when a video under DRM is played. According to a statement from Netflix support, this issue is not limited to their platform and will not be fixed in the future.

The root of the problem appears to be an incompatibility between the DRM management system in iOS 16 and devices with older firmware, including HDMI adapters. DRM systems help protect digital media from illegal copying and distribution, and as they evolve and receive updates, they can become incompatible with devices that do not receive updates of their own. In this case, it seems that the firmware of HDMI adapters is causing problems with iOS 16.

Unfortunately, no solution has been found at this time, and it’s unclear if this restriction will be permanent. This is a frustrating development for users of Apple devices who have been relying on HDMI adapters to stream DRM-protected content. It’s worth noting that this issue only seems to affect devices running iOS 16, so users with older versions of the operating system may not experience the same problems.