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Death Threats and Harassment Lead to the Ceasing of AetherSX2 Android PS2 Emulator

AetherSX2, one of the most popular and highly-acclaimed PS2 emulators for Android, will no longer be developed by its creator due to harassment and death threats. TahIreth, the developer behind the free open-source emulator, announced that they will no longer work on the project due to “people constantly impersonating me, complaints, insistent demands, and now death threats”.

The emulator, known for its high compatibility, extensive game catalog, and approval from the developers of PCSX2, had become overwhelming for TahIreth due to the pressure and inappropriate behavior of some users.

In addition to the harassment, TahIreth also warned of potential scams using social media accounts pretending to be the official representative of AetherSX2. The emulator will remain available for download and functional until further notice, but will not be updated to fix any minor bugs.

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