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[Exclusive] Samsung’s New Night Photography Leaked: An In-Depth Look at the Galaxy S23 Camera

Samsung is known for its high-quality camera technology, and the company’s latest attempt to up its game in the photography department is no exception. After introducing the buzzword “Nightography” for the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra, which promised better low-light photography, the cameras of the upcoming Galaxy S23 series are said to be even better in low-light conditions. Leaked Samsung promotional videos from China suggest that the Galaxy S23 series will be able to capture impressive night shots.

The leaked videos, which first surfaced on the Chinese social media platform Weibo and later on Twitter, promise to be made for the moonlight. The videos are said to be from Samsung China but were not meant to be made public at this point in time. These are the third leaks to come out in recent days, the first being a leaked promotional image from a retailer revealing a probable pre-order deal, and the second being a Samsung launch website that went live too early.

Both videos focus on the camera of the Galaxy S23 series, specifically the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The first video states “Impressive night shots are coming soon,” while the second teaser highlights the megapixels of the camera. According to leaks, the new main camera of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is said to have 200 megapixels, but this has not yet been officially confirmed by Samsung.

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As the official launch of the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, Galaxy S23 Ultra, and Galaxy Book3 laptops is only about 20 days away, official press photos are still rare. The only images we have are the low-resolution marketing images from this leak.

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