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Spotify announces its annual conference… and we’re all expecting the same thing

by Joseph Richard
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The Swedish company Spotify has been organizing the Stream On event since 2021, providing an opportunity for the company to communicate with creators and give users a glimpse of what the service will offer in the coming months. This year’s event, which will take place on March 8th, is expected to focus on new tools to help artists attract new audiences and build a community of fans more easily.

However, there is one issue that has been on many users’ minds for several months: the long-awaited arrival of Hi-Fi quality on Spotify. During the first Stream On event in 2021, the company announced that this feature would be available by the end of the year. But almost two years later, it has yet to be implemented, leaving other streaming services with an opportunity to launch their own lossless offers. While Spotify has stated that they are working on the feature, a potential “Platinum” plan offering Hi-Fi quality for KSH 2,476.76 per month was recently leaked on Reddit.

Another concern for users is the potential for a price increase. Despite having a large user base, Spotify’s profits have not been sufficient. The company has been pushing into the podcast, audiobook, and exclusive content sectors to attract new customers. However, it has also announced an increase in the price of its “Premium” plan, currently at KSH 1,338.76, but the date and amount of this increase are not yet known.

It remains to be seen if Spotify will address these issues during the Stream On event, but regardless, the improvement of the service and the announcement of new productions on the podcast side are always welcome. The competition in the streaming industry is fierce, and Spotify will need to continue to innovate and improve to maintain its position as a leader.

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