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Users are unimpressed with Twitter’s new “For you” TikTok-style default interface.

by Vanessa Waithera
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Some Twitter users are not pleased with the changes, which will now display algorithmically-driven feeds as soon as they open the app.

The new feature was originally made available by Twitter on Wednesday for iOS users. Instead of a reverse-chronological feed of tweets from the accounts a user follows, mobile users will now get a “For you” tab when they open the Twitter app. The “For you” page, which has the same name as the TikTok app’s home screen, displays tweets from individuals they follow along with some that the platform’s algorithm recommends.

At the first launch of the app, users could choose to default to a reverse-chronological feed.

Twitter now takes users to a “For you” page by default. To view a reverse-chronological stream of tweets from persons they follow, users must swipe to the “Following” secondary feed.

An algorithmically driven feed has been developed by Twitter before. Twitter changed in a similar way in March 2022. Both the algorithmic and reverse-chronological feeds have the names “Home” and “Latest,” respectively. Users on the platform then quickly reacted negatively to the adjustment.

The “For you” and “Following” feeds have taken the place of the “Home” and “Latest” feeds, according to a message from Twitter Support on Wednesday.

Users can still view the “Following” page, which displays a list of the most recent updates from the users they follow, but the star symbol for navigating between the timelines is no longer accessible.

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