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Apple Glass rebuffed: company would stake everything on an expensive VR helmet

Apple, known for its innovative and cutting-edge technology, is reportedly set to unveil a mixed reality helmet in the spring of 2023. According to sources, this helmet will be the first step in Apple’s big plans for the future of augmented and virtual reality.

However, it seems that the company’s plans for more advanced augmented reality glasses have been pushed back indefinitely. Instead, Apple is focusing on developing new versions of its mixed reality helmet with lower manufacturing costs. A new version could be ready as early as 2024 or 2025.

The reason for this shift in strategy is likely due to the difficulties and high costs associated with creating a lightweight and technologically advanced reality telescope. Instead, Apple is betting on a more controlled technology, similar to what is currently offered by companies like Meta, Pico, and soon PlayStation VR 2.

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While the mixed reality helmet is set to be unveiled in the spring, it is likely to be overpriced. Bloomberg suggests that the helmet could be sold at $3,000, making it even more expensive than the Meta Quest Pro, which retails for $1,800 in France.

To justify this high price point, the helmet is rumored to feature two high definition screens, more than 10 cameras, and an Apple M2 chip that is said to surpass Qualcomm solutions in performance.

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