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6 Tips to be More Successful as a Freelance Creative

The job market was already in the midst of a period of tremendous change before the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though Covid-19 has made the labor market more competitive and demanding, there are still openings for qualified individuals who can demonstrate adaptability, value, and experience.

Although world economies are still on the mend, businesses are expanding their operations, creating new offerings, and vying for consumers’ attention. To that end, this guide is dedicated to facilitating your freelancing efforts. It’s essential to cherry-pick the strategies that will work best for you, your clients, and your brand.

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Focus first on the strategies that can offer you the most money with the least amount of work. But be ready to try various techniques before settling on the ones that work best for you.

1. Define your expertise and what you want to offer

Freelancers with prior experience in the client’s field are more desirable when the latter is searching for a professional to hire.

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Businesses are more likely to engage a freelance writer specializing in a specific field – a person with law experience for a law site, a teacher for educational materials, or a Slots Play Casinos gamer for a gaming site – because they know that person has the knowledge and experience to produce content of better quality.

Think about the niche in which you intend to operate and recognize places where you have successfully completed projects in the past. Contemplate how your past experiences and skills may inform your current freelance endeavors.

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Experience working with clients or firms in a specific industry, specialized education, or professional certifications are all ways to distinguish yourself as a qualified professional. Finding learning experiences or certifications to add to your CV can also be helpful if you want to work in a particular field but lack relevant expertise or training.

2. Curate your portfolio

Designers need to showcase their work on a dedicated portfolio site. It’s the ideal way to showcase your skills as a freelance designer to potential clients. Your online portfolio should showcase your finest works and feature an “about” section, a “contact” section, and, if appropriate, social media sharing buttons.

Carefully selecting which works to showcase in your portfolio is essential. It’s tempting to wish to include every piece of work you’ve ever made as a designer, but doing so is a massive mistake at the beginning of your career. You can achieve more with less. Limit yourself to up to three to five projects at a time. These should be your crowning achievements. Only include projects in your portfolio that you would be interested in continuing to work on if employed.

Create new projects or revise existing ones to make your portfolio more relevant to the work you’d like to be hired for.

3. Share your availability on social media

Sharing your availability on social media is excellent for attracting new clients and securing new commissions. If you’re being sincere, though, when was the last time you did this?

A common reason freelancers don’t get hired is that potential clients see their social media feeds and assume they’re already swamped. But if you announce your availability on social media, doors will open.

4. Make use of your connections

Friends, family, and professional associates make up the bulk of your network. Since you’ve worked with them for some time, they have come to trust your judgment and regard you as an authority on a particular market or subject.

Likely, they have their own contacts in their industry, people they can recommend to you from their extensive network. This is the best spot to start looking for recommendations. If they have any contacts who could benefit from your services, ask them if they know them. Explain your product or service and solicit referrals from those familiar with it.

Try not to come across as too aggressive. Your professional connections should be treated with care. Therefore, annoying them isn’t a good idea.

5. Pitch higher rates for new clients

New clients should be pitched at an even higher rate than current ones. The next step is to gauge the level of interest and then begin negotiations. The most vital thing to remember is that you are worth the higher price you demand.

Remember that you have gained significant experience since you first approached your more seasoned clients. That makes you a more desirable freelancer to hire; therefore, you can charge more for your services.

6. Build your digital presence

Almost everything these days is completed online. Companies post vacancies and clients seek out freelancers online. Those looking to hire freelancers in a specific field can quickly and easily see your work using any number of digital sites. Websites like Upwork provide a place for professionals to showcase their work and for clients to search for people with the necessary skills.

Build a solid online identity across several channels. In addition to showcasing your work in a portfolio, you can spread the word about your freelancing services using the various social networking platforms available today.

Whether you’re looking to reconnect with an old buddy or make new business contacts, LinkedIn is the place to do it. Developing a wide circle of contacts can lead to new business contacts, and you’ll be able to showcase your expertise to potential employers.


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