Check out this great feature that Android users will soon be able to use with WhatsApp

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A new text editor within the sketching tool may soon be available to WhatsApp users.

A new version of WhatsApp has started to circulate via the Google Play Beta Program. The update brings the app’s version number up to and reveals that the Facebook-owned messaging service is developing a new text editor.

The drawing editor on WhatsApp will get three new tools. By touching one of the font choices that are visible above the keyboard, users of the first function can quickly switch between fonts. Similar to Snapchat, it will work.

The freedom of text alignment is the second feature.

This feature gives users additional control over text formatting in images, videos, and GIFs by allowing them to align text to the left, centre, or right. The third feature would let users change the text’s background, making it easier to spot important content. A future edition of the programme will include the newly developed text editor, which is now under development.

The messaging service was said to be developing a new function that would enable users to send photos in their original resolution last week. The platform plans to add a new setting icon under the drawing tool heading that users can use to alter the quality of any photo. This will provide users more control over the quality of photographs they transmit, especially when transmitting the photo in its original quality is necessary.