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Brand Awareness in Africa: Facebook Number One on Social Media

In an omnichannel world, marketing directors have to be aware of each of them, so that they are in position to answer any request that may come their way. But when it comes to choosing which platforms that they favour, when creating brand awareness for their customers, companies are still high on Facebook, when using social media. But that doesn’t mean they don’t also use other tools. Here is a look at how brand awareness is created by companies, in Africa, today.

Emails are Still a Central Element of Marketing Campaigns for Companies

If you ask marketing directors which tool brings them the best ROI, many of them will say that it is their emailing campaigns. That is largely due to the fact that each time they send out a message, they talk directly to their customers, or at least those who are interested in their products and services. It shows how crucial getting people to subscribe to a newsletter is, for companies. That is why they need to ask visitors to subscribe to it, on every page of their website, even if it is only indicated at the bottom, or placed clearly at the top.

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But for an email campaign to work, a company needs to have a clean reputation, or else the emails won’t be received by their subscribers. It will end up in their junk mail, never to be read. This is why many marketing directors have turned to MailReach, in order to raise their deliverability. It also increases the number of emails that are open and read, which translates into more sales in the end.

What About Social Media?

In Africa, social media rankings are stable. Facebook is still considered number one by marketing and communication professionals on the continent. At least, that is what a survey called “Meltwater’s State of Social Media 2023” concludes. Through more than 1,700 responses by specialists in the field, it asked which social media they used, in order to promote their products and services in 2022. The answer was Facebook first, with 88% of the respondents saying that they used their services, in order to create brand awareness, over the course of last year.

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It is no surprise to find Facebook’s brother, Instagram, in second place. Both are owned by Meta, and have been leading their fields for years, now. It came in a somewhat distant second, with 76 % of the marketing specialists saying that they have used it at least once in 2022. What can be surprising, is that it is closely followed by LinkedIn, in third place. Only two percent separate the number three social media to Instagram.

James Musoba
James Musoba
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