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Types Of Business Visas Available For Individuals Seeking To Do Business In Australia

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You are right in the middle of Australia’s active and varied business community. A business visa may be needed for people going to Australia for business. In Australia, there are many different types of business visas to meet the needs of different kinds of businesses, investors, and experts.

With these visas, foreigners can shop in Australia, run a business there, or help the country’s economy grow. For a successful business trip to Australia, you must know about the different types of business visas.

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This is true whether you want to start a new business, invest, or participate in professional activities. This article will discuss the different business visa options for people wanting to do business in Australia.

  • Australia Business Innovation and Investment Provisional Visa – subclass 188: These business visas in Australia are only given for business purposes and are good for four years and three months. You must have been asked to apply by a certain Australian state or territory. Before a lender loans you money, you must have a big down payment and enough assets to show them. No one over the age of 55 will be able to get this visa. If your visa number is 188, there are many things you can do.
  • Australia Business Innovation and Investment Permanent Visa – subclass 888: This visa is for long-term investments and new ideas for businesses. You must have a valid Provisional Business Visa 188 in order to apply for this visa. On a visa 888, you may only apply for the same stream that you had on a visa 188, and the permanent visa 888 covers the same categories as the temporary visa. Both an invitation and a nomination are needed for this visa.

  • Australia Business Owner Visa – subclass 890: You must have or have had a provisional business visa in categories 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, or 165 to be eligible for this visa. You must first spend a year in Australia on a provisional visa before you can apply for visa 890.

  • Australia Business Talent Visa – subclass 132: To get a 132 business visa, you need either a lot of business experience or a background in venture capital. To be in the “considerable business history” category, you must be worth at least AUD 1.5 million. Still, you’ll need AUD$ 1 million in venture capital to get into that stream.

  • Australia Investor Visa – subclass 891: For this visa, you must have kept your stated investment of AUD1.5 million for at least four years and have a valid provisional business visa 162. The 891 visas can also be used to live in a country permanently.

  • Australia Sponsored Business Owner Visa – subclass 892: People who have or have had a provisional business visa can get this visa (forms 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, or 165). Before applying for visa 892, you must also show proof that you spent the last year in Australia on a provisional visa.

  • Australia Sponsored Investor Visa – subclass 893: When you apply for this visa, you need to have a provisional visa 165 and proof that you have invested AUD 750,000.

  • Australia Business Innovation and Investment Extension Visa- subclass 188: If you already have a Business Innovation and Investment Visa 188 and need to make it last longer, you can apply for this visa. But this grace period is only for people who want to get a business investor visa or a significant investor visa.

Document Guidelines

If you want to get a visa for business innovation and investment, all of the papers you send with your application must be written in English. Include a translated copy of any documents that were written in a language other than English, along with the originals.

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Contact the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters to have your documents translated. If the translator lives outside of Australia, the translated documents must include the translator’s full name, address, contact information, and qualifications.

Your independent accountant must use International Accounting Standards when making your financial statements. In addition, there must be a balance sheet, an income statement, and account notes in the financial records.

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Business Visa for Australia Procedure

For business innovation and investment, there are two main ways to get a visa:

  • You can send in your application online. You can use ImmiAccount to apply online by sending in the necessary documents. All electronic submissions need to be color scans.
  • Interviews with real people are important. Most applications for business visas must be sent to the Adelaide Business Skills Processing Centre. Applications sent to any other location will be turned down.

Before sending in any form of application, the application fee must be paid; otherwise, the application will be held up until payment is received.


Getting a business visa for Australia requires a great deal of paperwork and time. So if you want to venture your business into Australia, make sure to follow all the rules and instructions to do so.

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