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Airtel Kenya launches the Airtel Premier product offering postpaid plans for calls, SMS & data for its customers

Airtel Kenya has launched the Airtel Premier product: My plan, ‘Chaguo Langu’, offering different postpaid plans for calls, SMS, and data for its customers.

The new ‘Airtel Premier: My plan, Chaguo Langu’ product targets micro, small and medium enterprises, startup entities, individual and corporates with unique choices of Premier calling and data plans that suit their operations. Airtel Premier “Chaguo Langu” offers 100% more data and 150% more minutes than the current offers available in the market.

Airtel Premier offers three distinct packages: “Bonga Zaidi” for those with a need to make more calls, “Browse Ukibonga” for people who need a good balance of calls talk time and data

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and Browse Zaidi for heavy data users. Uniquely, Airtel Premier subscribers will enjoy FREE Airtel to Airtel calls even after they have exhausted the allocated ALL-Network minutes. Rollover of Minutes, Data, and SMS is applicable when customers renew their Airtel Premier subscription with the same plan within ten days of expiry.

“Airtel is delighted to introduce exclusive Airtel Premier plans that gives Kenyans the freedom to choose the best-personalized calling and data services. This product is our commitment to continue delivering innovative and relevant communication solutions to all Kenyans,” said Airtel Kenya Managing Director Ashish Malhotra.

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Customers can enroll in Airtel Premier “Chaguo Langu” by visiting any Airtel shop countrywide (dial *100# to find a shop near you). After enrollment, customers can subscribe to their desired plan based on their budget and communication needs by dialing *544#.

Airtel Premier “Chaguo Langu” Plans include:
Price (KSH) Bonga Zaidi Browse Ukibonga Browse Zaidi

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600 MINS    400 MINS    200 MINS

999 600 SMS 400 SM 200 SMS
5 GB 10 GB 15 GB

700 MINS    600 MINS    400 MINS

1,499 700 SMS 600 SMS 400 SMS
15 GB 20 GB 25 GB

1,000 MINS  800 MINS    500 MINS

1,999 1,000 SMS 800 SMS 500 SMS
25 GB 35 GB 45 GB

1,500 MINS  1,200 MINS  900 MINS

2,999 1,500 SMS 1,200 SMS 900 SMS
45 GB 60 GB 75 GB

3,000 MINS  2,500 MINS  2,000 MINS

4,999 3,000 SMS 2,500 SMS 2,000 SMS
75 GB 100 GB 125GB

Booster Pack

Airtel Premier “Chaguo Langu” enables customers to purchase the below data or voice booster pack if they exhaust their resources before the end of the subscription period.

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James Musoba
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