Global Startup Awards Africa Summit to be held in Ethiopia


Global Startup Awards (GSA) Africa Summit will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in October 2023, the Global Innovation Initiative Group (GIIG) and Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) have revealed.

The annual GSA Africa Summit, hosted at the newly opened Museum of Art and Science, aims to bring together the African startup community and recognize the remarkable accomplishments of startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators from across the continent.

According to reports by Disrupt Africa, “The summit will serve as a platform for key players in African innovation, including industry leaders, government representatives, academics, and ecosystem participants, to convene and interact with the most promising technological solutions from the continent.”

Startups will have the chance to engage in solution exchange workshops, enabling them to connect with industry experts and explore potential partnerships.

During a grand dinner, the 2022/23 season winners of GSA Africa will be announced, with 15 regional finalists receiving recognition for their exceptional contributions to addressing significant global challenges.

Additionally, these African winners will gain exclusive access to the GIIG Africa Fund, offering a potential pathway for investment and the opportunity to drive future transformative changes.

Co-founder of GIIG and GSA Africa, Jo Griffiths emphasized the importance of inspiring younger generations through this event, encouraging them to pursue careers in innovation.

The African Development Bank predicts that the continent’s youth population will exceed 830 million by 2050.

Meeting the needs of this growing population for food, jobs, housing, and healthcare presents significant challenges.

However, by fostering innovation and nurturing new ideas, entire industries of opportunity can be created, ensuring that current actions have a meaningful impact on future generations.