Kenyans use social media to protest high cost of living


Kenyans have taken onto social media to protest the high cost of living.

On Twitter, the trending topic is dubbed #MaandamanoWednesdaytoFriday meaning “Demonstrations Wednesday to Friday”, having over 54,000 tweets by noon on Wednesday.

This comes after the opposition leaders call upon Kenyans to join them in a three-day demonstrations.

On this thread, there are numerous updates about the nationwide demonstrations from local dailies, international media and Twitter users.

According to news reports, the protests initially erupted due to perceived unjust tax increases and a rise in inflation, which many Kenyans find unfair.

The demonstrations have resulted in a significant number of casualties, with reports suggesting that up to 23 people have been killed and numerous others injured.

Amid concerns about growing inequality and the high cost of living, Kenya’s opposition leader has reportedly encouraged acts of civil disobedience and nationwide protests against the government.

Opposition groups argue that the recent tax hikes, which the government claims are aimed at debt repayment and job creation, have imposed a heavier financial burden on families already struggling to afford essential goods.

As a result, they continue to advocate for ongoing protests against these new policies.

Although Kenya’s constitution guarantees the right to peaceful demonstrations, authorities have labelled the recent protests as “illegal” and argue that they pose a threat to national security.