Former Twitter Africa Employees Allegedly ‘Ghosted’ by Company, Await Promised Severance Pay

Former Twitter Africa Employees Allegedly 'Ghosted' by Company, Await Promised Severance Pay

Former staff members of Twitter Africa, who were terminated following a series of layoffs initiated by Elon Musk after his acquisition of the company, have voiced their grievances, claiming that the company has neglected their severance payments.

CNN reported on Monday that these former workers in Accra, Ghana, disclosed that despite accepting Twitter’s offer for three months’ worth of severance, repatriation costs, and legal expenses, they have neither received the promised funds nor any subsequent communication.

According to the report, Twitter laid off the majority of its Ghanaian workforce shortly after opening its physical office, which had operated remotely for a year. Although severance pay was provided to former employees in other locations, the African staff allegedly remained in a state of uncertainty and dissatisfaction. One ex-employee expressed, “They literally ghosted us.”

The former Twitter Africa employees, who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to non-disclosure agreements, revealed that they reluctantly settled for the offered severance package, even though it was lower than what their counterparts in other regions received. Faced with stress and exhaustion, they felt compelled to accept the terms, as Twitter remained unresponsive until they agreed to the three-month compensation. Carla Olympio, a representative for the former workers, stated that the last communication from Twitter occurred in May, shortly after the settlement was reached. In response to the situation, Ghana’s Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations has initiated an investigation into the claims, as reported by CNN.