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 Safety precautions to use on ride-hailing apps.

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Ride-sharing apps are now a common means of transportation.

The many benefits of using these ride-hailing apps have led many individuals, especially young people, to view them as the best alternative to the stressful traditional transportation system.

There are always two sides to every coin.When using a cab, safety precautions must be taken. The following advice will help you stay safe :

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  • Wait inside for your ride.

Refrain from standing outside by yourself for an extended period of time while holding your phone. Wait inside until the app indicates that your driver has arrived.

  • Ascertain if the car’s license plate and the other descriptions match.

No matter how essential it is for you to reach your destination, whenever you request a transport through one of the ride hailing apps, make careful to verify that the information provided by your app about your ride corresponds before boarding the ride.

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Your safety should always come first, so it is preferable to cancel the trip if the information provided by your app doesn’t match the description of the ride at your location.

  • Verify the driver’s name and photo.

Do not make the mistake of mentioning the name of the driver first to the person in your assigned ride. Instead, you should ask them for their name and check to see whether it matches the name that appears on your app.

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  • Send a friend or relative the information of your ride.

When using a ride-hailing service like Uber, you may press “Share status” to give a friend or family member access to your driver’s name, photo, license plate, and location.

In order to be located in case of an emergency, you can also enable your phone’s location and share the information with a friend or relative.

  • Choose a seat where you can easily ask for aid.

The next time you use one of the ride-hailing apps, make sure to always choose a seat where you can easily call for assistance in an emergency. That will be at the back seat and near to the door.

You can also pick up some defensive techniques so that you can protect yourself if the situation demands it. You could also bring pepper spray if you’re a woman.

  • Please do not fall asleep during a ride in order to safeguard your safety. 

Because they dozed off, some people became the victims of criminals posing as drivers on ride-hailing apps.

You may keep yourself awake during a ride if you start to feel drowsy by eating a snack, playing a game on your phone, chewing gum, and other activities.

  • Avoid disclosing your identity

Avoid trying to get to know the rider or presenting them any form of identification whenever you board a ride. This is because some drivers may decide to outwit or take advantage of you if they know who you are, either through the presentation of your ID card or through interaction with them.

  • Dress appropriately and with respect.

How you dress is solely a personal one but it is advised you dress moderately whenever you board a ride on any of the ride hailing apps. This is specifically for women to prevent flirtation and, in some unsafe situations, rape.

No of their age or social standing, you should always show respect to whoever is driving you.

  • Ride-sharing apps should not be used alone at night.

 If you have to use a ride-sharing app alone at night, tell a trusted friend or family member about your plans. Call someone on the journey if you begin to feel uneasy, provide them with your location information, and keep them on the line for as long as you can.

  • Follow your instincts.

 Don’t get in the automobile if something doesn’t feel right. You can always request a new ride after canceling your current one. It could be the driver, the car or the surrounding he asks you to meet.

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