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Uber rolls out Audio Recording feature in Kenya, boosting driver/passenger safety

Mobility service provider, Uber, is introducing a new in-app audio recording feature for its users in Kenya.

This feature was initially rolled out in Europe in 2021, to provide better support to riders and drivers who report safety incidents to Uber.

According to a notification sent through the app, the feature is now being made available to local users in Kenya.

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“The purpose of this feature is to enable both drivers and riders to record audio during their trips and share it with Uber’s support team in case of any safety-related incidents,” Uber noted.

Once users activate the feature, they can easily record audio by tapping the shield icon on the map screen and selecting the “Record Audio” option.

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Riders and drivers have the flexibility to record audio for individual trips, while drivers can also choose to keep the feature on while they are online.

Uber emphasizes the protection of user privacy by encrypting the audio files and storing them on the respective rider and driver’s devices.

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“By default, neither Uber nor anyone else can listen to these audio recordings. However, if a safety report is submitted to Uber, users have the option to attach the audio file as supporting evidence.”

This feature holds significant importance as the safety of both drivers and riders using ride-hailing apps has been a major topic of discussion in recent months.

Uber plans to launch the audio recording feature for users in Kenya soon, which is expected to be a significant step towards enhancing safety measures within the platform.

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Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
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