How to Use “Okoa Stima” by Safaricom Subscribers 2023.


At times you may not be prepared for a power blackout. Safaricom Limited and Kenya Power, however, have a quick service that can come to the rescue. A Safaricom subscriber can use Okoa Stima in the ways listed below to prevent KPLC from disconnecting their power:

It is a service that gives prepaid and postpay customers a momentary, efficient answer to all of their power requirements.


  • Opening an account
  • Payment of electricity bills
  • Buying tokens
  • Electricity bill quarries
  • Access to emergency power top-up


Only Safaricom customers have access to this service.

  • Meters that are not registered are ineligible.
  • Up to three meters may be registered for pre-paid and post-paid accounts.
  • The loan limit is determined by the previous relations with Kenya Power.
  • Okoa Stima offers loans with a minimum of Kshs 100 and a maximum of Kshs 2,000.

10% interest is charged on the loans. Additionally, the loan is offered via Mpesa and is valid for 7 days.

A top-up amount and a facility fee will be deducted from your Mpesa account. Your phone will get the requested amount as a token for prepaid accounts. The bill is paid in the case of a post-paid account.

How to Register for Okoa Stima

  •  Dial *885# using your Safaricom line.
  • Read and comprehend the conditions, then accept them if you concur.
  • Give your national identification number.
  • Set the pin.
  • Once you have received the confirmation message, carry on.
  • Put the pin number in.
  • Select “Register Now” under register meter/account.
  • Type the account type in. Pre-paid or post-paid are both options.
  • After verifying that the information is accurate, enter the Kenya Power account number and submit the form.

Steps to Follow to Okoa Stima

  • Follow the instructions after pressing *885#. Input Pin.
  • Then click “Okoa Stima” after selecting the desired choice.
  • Enter the meter number after selecting the “Request emergency top-up option”.
  • Choose the amount set and press okay.

You may easily download the Okoa Stima app from the Play Store and avoid all of this hassle.