Africa Impact Investing Group (AIIG) launches to drive prosperity and inclusion across the continent


The Africa Impact Investing Group (AIIG) officially launched at the inaugural Africa Impact Summit (AIS) in Cape Town earlier this month. 

The AIIG aims to accelerate impact investing throughout the African continent, channelling capital towards initiatives that promote prosperity, inclusion and measurable social and environmental impact.

Backed by the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG), the AIIG is set to become a regional powerhouse for collaboration, learning, and advocacy in the realm of impact investing. 

“It seeks to create a thriving ecosystem that attracts investments with the potential for significant social and financial returns in Africa.”

According to reports, the AIS served as the perfect stage for the unveiling of the AIIG, bringing together African National Advisory Boards (NABs) for Impact Investing and task forces from various countries on the continent. 

These entities have been working diligently over the years to establish a robust impact investing framework in their respective nations.

Elias Masilela, the chair of DNA Economics and Impact Investing South Africa, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “The AIIG is an active and vibrant community of actors working on the ground with policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, and civil society to drive capital to where it can have the most impact while delivering financial returns. We recognize that traditional philanthropy and aid alone are not enough to address the development challenges facing Africa.”

The establishment of the AIIG marks a significant milestone for impact investing in Africa. By fostering collaboration among stakeholders and building a cohesive network, the AIIG intends to attract both local and international investors to support projects that address critical social and environmental issues across the continent.

Impact investing, as a growing global trend, emphasizes investments that generate positive social or environmental impact alongside financial returns. 

The AIIG aims to leverage this approach to tackle various challenges in Africa, such as poverty, access to education, healthcare, renewable energy, and sustainable infrastructure development.

With Africa’s young and dynamic population, the continent holds immense potential for impact-driven investments that can create lasting change. By pooling resources and expertise through the AIIG, stakeholders hope to unlock this potential and drive progress toward sustainable development goals.

The AIIG’s mission aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and its inception comes at a crucial time when innovative solutions are required to address the pressing issues facing the African continent.

As the AIIG sets out on its journey, the spotlight is now on the impact investing community to make a difference and drive meaningful change across Africa. By focusing on prosperity, inclusion, and measurable impact, the AIIG is positioned to be a catalyst for sustainable development and positive transformation on the continent.