WhatsApp introduces new feature, Video Messages, for enhanced communication


Meta-owned, WhatsApp has unveiled an instant Video Messages feature, in a bid to further revolutionize the way people communicate.

Building upon the success of voice messages, this latest addition allows users to record and share short personal videos directly within their chats.

“The new video messages enable real-time and expressive responses, allowing users to convey their thoughts and emotions through brief 60-second videos. Whether it’s sending heartfelt birthday wishes, sharing laughter over a joke, or delivering exciting news, users can now add a more personal touch to their conversations,” noted WhatsApp.

Using the feature is seamless and user-friendly, just like voice messages.

“To send a video message, users need to tap to switch to video mode and then hold to record the video. Additionally, for a hands-free recording experience, users can swipe up to lock the recording. Once opened in a chat, the videos will automatically play on mute, and tapping on the video will activate the sound.”

As with all WhatsApp messages, video messages are protected with end-to-end encryption, ensuring that user communications remain private and secure from potential prying eyes.

The rollout of video messages has already begun, with users receiving the feature gradually in the upcoming weeks. This exciting addition is set to enhance the WhatsApp experience, making it even more interactive and enjoyable for its vast user base.

WhatsApp continues to prove its commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, and with Video Messages, it’s clear that the platform remains at the forefront of modern communication technology.

Users can look forward to connecting with their friends, family, and colleagues in a more lively and engaging way through this latest update.

Recently, the messaging also introduced Channels which is accessible through a dedicated tab called Updates in the app.