How to Purchase Bitcoins in Kenya for Ksh. 1,000 Using Mpesa


In Kenya, Bitcoin is among the most innovative and widely utilized cryptocurrencies. It is simple to purchase and carry in your wallet, and Mpesa makes it simple to purchase in Kenya. When bitcoin prices are low, you can buy it and then sell it when they increase. With this method, you might earn a sizable profit based on the number of bitcoins you own.

You can purchase bitcoins with LocalBitcoins via bank or Mpesa. How to do it is outlined below;

  • Create an account by visiting the Local Bitcoin website:
  • Click “Sign up for free” on the website’s top menu before setting up an account.
  • To verify your registration information, check your email.
  • Choose the trader type that best suits your skill level. Some traders limit Bitcoin sales at Ksh 1,000, while others cap sales at Ksh 20,000. Before making a purchase, make careful to research the seller’s reputation. Deal only with merchants who have 100% positive feedback.
  • Once you have confidence in the seller, click the Buy Bitcoins button to do so.
  • You will be taken to a page that lists the trader’s terms and conditions.
  • Read the terms and conditions (which are typically brief) carefully.
  • Following acceptance of the terms You may check how many bitcoins you will get for the amount you want to buy in Kenyan shillings by entering that amount.
  • Make a Mpesa Payment Confirmation, and the seller will send you some Bitcoins.
  • You’re done now!

You might be wondering how to utilize Bitcoin in Kenya after purchasing it. In Kenya, you can use bitcoin in the methods listed below.

1. Buy things online with bitcoin. Bitcoin is a payment method that may be used at a lot of retailers.

2. Make money. Here, you can buy bitcoins while they’re cheap and sell them when they’re expensive. In doing so, you will make money. Bitcoin, for instance, can be purchased for Ksh 1,000 and sold for Ksh 2,000.

For Kenyans, Paxful is another excellent LocalBitcoins substitute. Through Mpesa, it is also possible to purchase and sell bitcoins.