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How to delete your PayPal account permanently

A smart cyber hygiene habit is deleting old, unneeded accounts. It safeguards your important data and protects your device from cyberattacks. 

Here are some actions you ought to do if you have made the decision to close your PayPal account. 

Keep in mind that once an account has been terminated, you cannot get its history of transactions back.

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  • Pay off the bills you owe. Resolve any outstanding issues in your account, including any overdue payments. If you need assistance, contact PayPal customer service.
  • Stop automatic payments. Make sure to suspend any recurring subscriptions or payments from your PayPal account.
  • See the history of your PayPal transactions. To keep a copy of your previous PayPal transactions for reference, make one now. Once you close the account, the transaction history will be removed.
  • Take a withdrawal of your funds. If there is no money in your personal PayPal account, you cannot close it. You can either transfer your remaining sum to a different PayPal or bank account, or you can get a check for it from customer care.

How to delete PayPal on a computer

To completely remove your personal account, just follow these easy instructions. It will only take a short while.

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  • Go to PayPal’s website.
  • Choose “Settings.”
  • Find “Account options” and select “Close your account.”
  • If prompted, enter your PayPal account.
  • Then select “Close account.”

Delete a PayPal account using a mobile app

The steps below should be followed if you want to delete your PayPal account from your mobile device:

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  • On the top left, look for the profile icon.
  • Find “Close your account.”
  • Select “Close account.”
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