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Nairobi to host Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders (ASEB) Summit 2023

Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders (ASEB) will be hosting its inaugural Kenyan summit and awards ceremony aimed at catalyzing the potential of Africa’s thriving entrepreneurial landscape in Nairobi. 

Following its sensational debut in Johannesburg, the ASEB summit is ready to script its next chapter in Nairobi, Kenya. 

From December 6th to 8th, this gathering promises to continue its legacy of fostering innovation and collaboration.

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With over 150 influential figures hailing from 36 nations converging in Johannesburg for the debut summit, ASEB is now gearing up for its Nairobi rendezvous. 

A hub renowned for its dynamic startups and entrepreneurial spirit, Nairobi is primed to amplify the ASEB movement’s impact. 

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The decision to host the summit in Nairobi follows the resounding success of its first edition, which showcased the achievements of 88 exceptional Ecosystem Builders representing diverse sectors.

“The continent stands at the precipice of a digital revolution, and ASEB is poised to drive economic growth by fostering resilient startup ecosystems that nurture innovation and collaboration,” states ASEB’s website.

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The ASEB Awards aren’t just mere acknowledgements; they are a tribute to the trailblazers, the game-changers, and the innovators of the African entrepreneurial landscape. 

Spanning an extensive spectrum of categories, these awards are poised to set the benchmark for honouring entrepreneurial brilliance across the continent.

The array of award categories includes:

  • Startup Ecosystem Builder of the Year
  • Corporate Champion of the Year
  • Angel Investor of the Year
  • Venture Company of the Year
  • Startup Bank of the Year
  • Startup Funding Initiative of the Year
  • Startup Advisor of the Year
  • Startup Coach of the Year
  • Startup Mentor of the Year
  • Entrepreneurship Education Program
  • Service Provider of the Year
  • Diversity & Inclusion Champion of the Year
  • Coworking Space of the Year
  • Startup Event of the Year
  • Incubator of the Year
  • Accelerator of the Year
  • Immigrant Ecosystem Builder of the Year
  • Youth Connector of the Year
  • Entrepreneur Support Organization of the Year
  • Student Connector of the Year
  • Women in STEM
  • Best Government Initiative for Startups
  • Startup Ecosystem Support Initiative
  • Startup Policy Advocate of the Year
  • Startup Researcher of the Year
  • Innovation Hub of the Year
  • Ecosystem Collaboration of the Year
  • Investor Network of the Year
  • Startup Media Platform of the Year
  • Cross-Border Collaboration Initiative
  • Business Advisor of the Year

The nominations for the prestigious ASEB Awards 2023 are in full swing, with a submission deadline of September 15th. 

The ASEB Summit and Awards, spearheaded by Setup A Startup, seek to revolutionize economic development through ecosystem building. 

This innovative approach empowers individuals and communities to achieve economic independence through entrepreneurial endeavours. 

The event also aims to recognize and honour the often unsung heroes who actively contribute to creating these supportive ecosystems.

ASEB notes it is an interactive platform that offers workshops, breakout sessions and collaborative activities. 

By emphasizing participants’ engagement, the event provides an environment where attendees can actively contribute to the development of tools, resources, and innovative strategies to bolster entrepreneurs and innovators. 

“Interactive sessions and peer-to-peer learning enable participants to exchange ideas, share best practices, and collectively build robust ecosystems that uplift communities.

Central to ASEB’s mission are the prestigious ASEB Awards, a focal point of the summit. These awards celebrate individuals and organizations that have significantly contributed to nurturing entrepreneurship and fostering resilient startup ecosystems in Africa.”

 By highlighting their exceptional dedication, innovation, and impact, the awards inspire others to strive for excellence in ecosystem building, thereby propelling the growth of entrepreneurship across the continent.

The summit’s agenda encompasses a wide array of topics and sessions, ranging from defining and understanding startup ecosystems to addressing diversity and equity, collaborative entrepreneurship, climate change, and more. 

Through peer-to-peer learning, interactive presentations, and collaborative activities, participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts and communities across Africa and beyond. 

The summit is also designed to facilitate networking and collaboration among attendees from various sectors, including economic and workforce development, entrepreneurship, academia, government, and philanthropy.

To provide a standardized framework for innovation entrepreneurship education and ecosystem development consulting, the ASEB Summit brings together delegations from across the continent to collectively work towards creating sustainable startup ecosystems. 

Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu is a Tech enthusiast, happy to delve deeper into the African tech space covering Social Media, AI, Startups, Telcos, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Women in Tech and all matters Tech.

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