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How to Take a Chromebook Screenshot

There aren’t as many alternatives for third-party screenshot apps on Chromebooks as there are on Windows or macOS because they are internet-based laptops. Although there are many Chrome extensions available, using ChromeOS’ built-in features is the easiest way to record what is on your screen. Here’s how it functions.

Utilize the keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot.

  • Press Shift + Ctrl + Show (the latter looks like a rectangle next to two vertical lines).
  • Press Shift + Ctrl + F5 if you’re using an external keyboard without a Show button.
  • Select Screenshot from the option at the bottom of the display.
  • Pick between taking a window screenshot, a partial screenshot, or a full-screen screenshot.

Use Quick Settings’ Screen Capture Tool.

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  • On the bottom right of the screen, select Quick Settings.
  • Select Screen Capture.
  • Make sure the object you want to capture is actually on your screen.
  • Select whether to capture your entire screen, a single window, or a portion of it.
  • You can decide to record part or all of your screen as well.
  • Tap Capture.

Where to Find Chromebook Screenshots

Screenshots are automatically copied to your Clipboard and appear in Tote, rolled out with Chrome OS 89 to keep important files at your fingertips. Open Tote from the Shelf to access recent downloads, screen captures, and pinned files.

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Visit your Downloads folder if you want to store anything for later and aren’t in a rush. Press Shift + Ctrl + Show > Settings > Select folder and select the location you would like screenshots to be saved. This is where future screenshots will be submitted.

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