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WhatsApp Rolls-out Channels Globally

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WhatsApp has rolled out a global expansion of WhatsApp Channels, spanning more than 150 countries, providing users with a discreet means to stay informed about the topics that interest them. 

This groundbreaking feature enables individuals to follow a diverse range of organizations, sports teams, artists and influential figures, all within the confines of the WhatsApp platform.

For those unacquainted with WhatsApp Channels, its primary objective is to establish the most secure broadcasting service available. 

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“Channels operate independently of your regular chats, ensuring that your list of followed entities remains confidential, concealed from other followers,” WhatsApp noted in a blog post

Moreover, WhatsApp announced it is committed to safeguarding the personal information of both channel administrators and followers.

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The firm noted that the initial foray into ten countries garnered considerable positive feedback, fueling its expansion of Channels on a global scale. 

As the firm extends this innovative feature worldwide, it is introducing several enhancements to elevate your experience:

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  1. Enhanced Directory: Navigating Channels is now more effortless than ever. The directory has been revamped to automatically filter channels based on your country. Additionally, you can explore newly added channels, those that are the most active, and those with the highest number of followers.
  2. Reactions: Express your sentiments through emojis and gauge the collective sentiment with a tally of total reactions. Rest assured, your reactions will remain private and concealed from fellow followers.
  3. Editing: Soon, channel administrators will gain the ability to make modifications to their updates for a generous 30-day period, after which they will be automatically purged from our servers.
  4. Forwarding: When forwarding updates to chats or groups, recipients will receive a convenient link back to the originating channel, allowing them to explore further.

“This is just the outset of our journey, and we remain committed to enhancing WhatsApp Channels based on the invaluable feedback we receive from our users. Over the forthcoming months, we will also empower individuals to create their channels,” the firm announced.

For those eager to stay abreast of the firm’s latest product developments directly from them, they have also inaugurated the official WhatsApp Channel. 

This channel will serve as your source for timely updates on WhatsApp ongoing projects and innovations.

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Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu is a Tech enthusiast, happy to delve deeper into the African tech space covering Social Media, AI, Startups, Telcos, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Women in Tech and all matters Tech. Write to me @[email protected]

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