Fursa app launched to help Mombasa youth find jobs


The Fursa App has been officially launched in Mombasa to pave the way for new job opportunities.

In an auspicious ceremony attended by Mombasa Governor of Mombasa, AbdulSwamad Nassir, a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed marking a significant milestone for the Fursa app and the Department of Education and Digital Transformation in Mombasa.

The MOU was sealed with the signatures of Chief Mentor Swahilipot, Mahmood Noor while Dr Roselyn Randu represented the Department.

Fursa, an innovative app, has been officially introduced to the residents of Mombasa, offering them a unique gateway to a world of diverse job opportunities, encompassing casual, blue-collar and white-collar roles.

“Simultaneously, it provides companies with a platform to connect with talented individuals for their workforce needs.”

The launch event brought together distinguished individuals and prominent figures from the Mombasa community, all dedicated to shaping a brighter future for the local workforce.

Among the luminaries present were County Executive Committee Member (CECM) of Education and Digital Transformation, Mbwarali Kame; Mvita MP Mohammed Machele and the county attorney’s representative, Mwenda Miriti.

The Fursa app aims to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers by providing a user-friendly interface that simplifies the job searching and hiring process. Users can access a wide array of job listings, creating a level playing field for job seekers across various sectors.