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How to use an NTSA TIMS account to apply for a Third Licence sticker

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Since 2018, buyers of new cars are obliged to secure an NTSA Third Licence Inspection Sticker. It is the responsibility of the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to conduct inspections and make sure that all drivers follow the regulations when purchasing new cars. 

The easy methods to getting an NTSA sticker are as follows:

Open your account on the NTSA TIMS self-service site and log in.

After selecting “new car booking,” complete the form as instructed.

The inspection price is KES 1000, the third licensing fee is KES 700, and the convenience charge is KES 50. Please use your favorite payment option to make the KES 1750 payment.

Once your payment has been made, click “complete.” An instant receipt will appear; you need to print it to serve as identification of your payment. 

Before moving on to the booking tab for the inspection process, choose your chosen station, time, and inspection date.

Verify, then send in the data that was provided.

For usage and examination in the future, print the general booking slip.

After the application process is finished and the vehicle has been inspected and tested, the NTSA sticker verification will be given out.

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