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Egypt’s edtech startup OBM Education raises funding from VMS to accelerate Saudi Expansion

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Egypt-based ed-tech startup OBM Education has raised a seven-figure sum from Saudi Arabia-based venture studio Value Maker Studio (VMS).

Founded in 2020 by Omar El-Barbary and Ezz El-Din Farag, OBM helps higher education students with career guidance.It organises summits including the Build Your Future Summit (BYF) as well as the Education Stakeholders Forum (ESF), a regional summit that brings together key stakeholders from the government, universities, schools, service providers and investors. OBM also offers special programmes that connect students with employers and CEOs to gain mentorship and practical business experience. 

Mr. Omar El-Barbary, CEO of OBM Education, shared, “Investment is more than capital; it embodies shared visions and unyielding commitment. With VMS, we’re solidifying our resolve to enrich the educational journey of every student.”

OBM Education’s Taleb Super App has been a transformative tool for high school students across the MENA region, providing curated content, precision assessments, and premium services, solidifying its status as an educational powerhouse.

As part of the collaboration, VMS’s upcoming “Bridge Programme,” slated for its launch in January 2024, will offer startups, including OBM Education, comprehensive resources encompassing funding, tech services, legal counsel, financial management, and HR Expertise.

Mr. Moataz Abou Onoq, founder of VMS, remarked, “The Bridge Program epitomises our dedication to nurturing startup expansion. Collaborating with OBM Education transcends business—it’s a convergence of our shared aspirations to elevate education.” Dr. Ezz El-Din Farag, COO of OBM, added “OBM’s essence lies in recognising and nurturing the potential in every student. Partnering with VMS amplifies our mission, inspiring students to reach unparalleled heights.”

Last year, OBM secured investment from EdVentures, an edtech-focused venture capital (VC) firm in Egypt

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