South Africa’s GoMetro secures £9m funding to digitise heavy-duty commercial transport operations


GoMetro, a South African tech company has secured a £9 million Series A funding round led by Zenobē, with participation from FutureGrowth Asset Managers.

The investment is aimed to support GoMetro’s mission to digitise heavy-duty commercial transport operations and further develop its state-of-the-art fleet management platform in its key markets of the United Kingdom, EU, USA and South Africa.

GoMetro founder, Justin Coetzee. “Embracing data-driven decision-making systems that empower operators to better manage fleet utilisation, optimise resources, reduce risk and enhance customer satisfaction can be a real competitive edge that catapults transport companies beyond the reach of their competitors,”

GoMetro’s flagship product, Bridge, is a platform that consolidates vehicle data into a unified system. With GoMetro Bridge, users gain access to a wide range of telematics-driven features specifically designed to support their transition to all-electric fleets – using their own telematics data to provide an assessment of the fit to expected EV adoption scenarios for a fleet owner.

GoMetro aims to use this funding to strengthen its software platform to provide fleet operators with even more robust tools for managing and optimising all-electric fleets. This includes refining existing features and introducing new functionalities that align with the evolving needs of the industry, as well as expanding the number of devices supported on GoMetro Bridge.

Zenobē Energy, an EV fleet and grid-scale battery storage specialist headquartered in the UK, brings a wealth of experience and strategic value to this investment. With a global footprint, Zenobē currently supports over 1,000 electric buses, trucks, and commercial vehicles. The company is committed to supporting 4,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2026.  

The Electric Transport-as-a-Service (ETaaS) solution, offered by Zenobē, encompasses on-board battery replacement, charging infrastructure, and a sophisticated software platform for energy optimisation. 

“This Series A funding is a pivotal moment for GoMetro, and we are thrilled to have Zenobē and FutureGrowth as our lead investors in our round,” says Coetzee. “Getting the chance to apply our technology to the biggest single electric bus fleet in the United Kingdom will accelerate our research and development into supporting EV buses and trucks on GoMetro Bridge. Data-driven fleet management and telematics is entering a new golden age with EV adoption – and there is a massive opportunity in this key watershed moment in an industry transition.”

“GoMetro’s customer and data-driven approach to fleet management aligns seamlessly with our vision for the future of sustainable transportation. We are excited to support their growth into new markets as well as to provide the capital to accelerate their product development,” says Steven Meersman, Founder Director at Zenobē.

“Our investment in GoMetro aligns perfectly with FutureGrowth’s vision of fostering sustainable and technologically advanced solutions in the transport sector. We are excited to be part of GoMetro’s journey, and we look forward to the positive impacts this will bring to the industry and the environment,” comments Amrish Narrandes, Head of Private Equity and Venture Capital at FutureGrowth.

In addition to using the Series A funding to help it solidify its operations in the UK, EU and South Africa, GoMetro is further focused on expansion to the US, Latin America and Australia in the next 12 months. This includes establishing partnerships and collaborations with businesses, governments, and organisations committed to sustainable transportation solutions. As governments worldwide intensify their focus on reducing carbon emissions, the collaborative efforts between GoMetro and Zenobē aim to tackle the challenges of decarbonising road transport.