BURN Manufacturing wins Inaugural UAE Presidential Energy Transition Changemakers Award


BURN Manufacturing, Africa’s clean cookstove manufacturer, distributor, and carbon-offset project developer has been recognized and awarded for its climate action initiatives in the inaugural Energy Transition Changemakers award by the COP28 UAE Presidency at the ongoing COP 28 summit in Dubai.

Initiated by the COP28 UAE Presidency, the Energy Transition Changemakers program fosters collaboration in the private sector, seeking global projects that overcome challenges through game-changing innovations.

Peter Scott, BURN CEO said: “This award underscores BURN’s pivotal role as a catalyst for positive change in the clean cooking landscape. This recognition goes beyond celebration—it reinforces our commitment to delivering scalable, eco-friendly solutions. Each stove we produce is a catalyst for progress, empowering households to save time and money, all the while delivering clean energy for all users. It’s not just about the cook stove; but the profound impact we’re making on households and the planet.”

The program particularly focuses on approaches with the potential for replication and scalability, thereby accelerating a just energy transition that benefits society. It recognizes Changemakers in four key sectors: Renewables, Clean Power, Energy Efficiency, Low-Carbon Hydrogen, and Heavy Emitting Sectors (Steel, Cement, and Aluminum).

BURN was specifically recognized under the Energy Efficiency category for its innovative approaches in promoting sustainable clean cooking practices as well as positively impacting livelihoods, promoting health benefits, and contributing to the reduction of deforestation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Founded in 2011, BURN was created with the aspiration to save lives and forests by revolutionizing the clean cookstove sector. While traditional, inefficient cookstoves can bankrupt families, damage their health and destroy forests, BURN’s best-in-class stoves can save families money on fuel, limit indoor air pollution and protect forests. Headquartered in Kenya and with direct operations in 10 African countries, BURN employs 2,500 people across Africa. The company has made and distributed over 4.2 million clean cookstoves, transforming the lives of over 22 million people and avoiding 17 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

BURN stoves have been independently verified by reputable institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Chicago, as well as through a comprehensive impact assessment survey conducted by Yunus Social Business. The stoves have consistently been proven to provide substantial health, financial, and climate action benefits.