Instagram Unveils “Add Yours” Feature


Instagram has rolled out an innovative feature known as “Add Yours”, in a bid to elevate the interactive nature of its Stories. 

This feature empowers users to craft personalized templates infused with GIFs, text and gallery photos.

To construct a template, users seamlessly integrate elements into their Stories and subsequently navigate to the Sticker Tray to select “Add Yours” templates. 

The uniqueness of this feature lies in its collaborative essence – once shared, these templates become available for others to use and customize to their liking.

Users keen on utilizing someone else’s template can simply tap the “Add Yours” prompt within the viewed story. 

This action seamlessly directs them to the camera interface, providing an opportunity to interact with and personalize every element of the template. 

Icons on the left side of the template unveil the individuals who have previously used and customized it.

“The “Add Yours” feature introduces a realm of possibilities, ranging from initiating new trends to creating engaging quizzes or sharing light-hearted and amusing pet photos,” the Meta-owned app noted. 

This functionality not only amplifies user engagement but also serves as a distinctive way for individuals to personalize their Stories.

It’s noteworthy that Instagram had previously introduced templates for Reels, indicating the platform’s continuous efforts to enrich user experience and foster creativity in content creation. 

Instagram claims the “Add Yours” feature is poised to transform the way users engage with and share content, creating a dynamic and interactive storytelling environment on Instagram.