Bolt Introduces ‘Driver Compliments’ Feature to Elevate Rider Feedback and Driver Recognition

bolt 2

Bolt has unveiled a new feature called ‘Driver Compliments’ on its app, aimed at enhancing the rider feedback process. In addition to assigning a star rating, riders will now be prompted to provide specific positive feedback for their drivers.

By introducing the Driver Compliments feature, the ride-hailing firm notes it aims to strengthen the feedback loop, giving drivers insight into the positive remarks from riders.

This visibility is expected to result in improved driver performance and an overall enhanced rider experience.

The feature empowers drivers with valuable information, enabling them to better understand rider preferences and customize their services accordingly.

Upon receiving a compliment, drivers will be notified in-app, directing them to the feedback message covering aspects such as driving skills, communication, or the overall ride experience.

To maintain privacy and foster open feedback, the comments will only be visible to the respective driver. The feedback is also kept anonymous, preventing drivers from identifying the person who left the message, and there is a minimum 48-hour delay before sharing it.

Country Manager for Bolt Kenya, Linda Ndungu, expressed excitement about the launch of the Driver Compliments feature.

She emphasized that, “The feature provides an opportunity for riders to express gratitude and acknowledge drivers for their efforts in making the ride memorable and enjoyable.”

Ms Ndungu encourages riders to utilize this additional avenue to share their positive feedback at the end of each trip.

While the use of Driver Compliments is optional, it adds depth to Bolt’s feedback mechanism.

The country manager also highlights that this feature contributes to obtaining more useful data for Bolt, reinforcing the commitment to positive and constructive feedback.

The feature includes a built-in profanity filter to ensure that abusive comments do not appear in the driver’s app.

To conclude, Bolt’s new Driver Compliments feature is an optional but valuable addition to the feedback process, fostering a culture of appreciation and constructive feedback within the ride-hailing experience.