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How to transfer funds online or through SMS from SportPesa to MPESA

How to transfer funds online or through SMS from SportPesa to MPESA
How to withdraw money from sportpesa online and through sms. You won your bet on Sportpesa, next? You are now elated that you have something to smile about, at least. I’ll walk you through the process of quickly withdrawing money from your Sportpesa account to your Mpesa.

Sportpesa withdrawal fees

There are never any extra fees when you take money out of your Sportpesa account and deposit it into MPESA. But keep in mind that MPESA tariffs as normal will apply.

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Password and username for Sportpesa

The SportPesa username will be your phone number, and the password is the secret code or word you choose when you first created the account. If, however, you can’t remember your Sportpesa password, simply visit, select “FORGOT PASSWORD,” and then follow the prompts to set a new password.

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Change the Sportpesa PIN

You’re fortunate if you’ve also forgotten your Sportpesa PIN. Simply text the words “CHANGE PIN XXXX” to 79079 to generate a new Sportpesa account PIN. Recall that your new password, XXXX, should have four digits.

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To change my password to 3456, for example, all I have to do is send the message “CHANGE PIN 3456” to 79079.
You can use this PIN to get assistance with Sportpesa money withdrawal by SMS.

Here is the process for making an SMS money withdrawal from Sportpesa.

How to send money via SMS from Sportpesa to Mpesa
Take out the phone you’ve been using to access the Sportpesa platform; it needs to be on
Create a new text message by going to messages.
Enter the PIN for W#AMOUNT#SPORTPESA. When you first opened the account, you chose the PIN. (If you can’t remember, refer to the steps above to set a new one.) For example, I would do the following if I wanted to take out $1500 from my Sportpesa account: W#1500#3456

Message 79079 with this message.
After that, your MPESA account will show the amount you withdrew from your SPORTPESA account, and you will receive a message verifying this.

Recall that there are no fees associated with Sportpesa withdrawals. The simplest, fastest, and most secure method for withdrawing money from Sportpesa to Mpesa offline is this one.

However, you can still easily withdraw your money if you are able to access the Sportpesa website.

How to Take Money Online From Sportpesa To Mpesa
Visit and sign in using your credentials. Recall that your username is your phone number.
Once in your account, select WITHDRAWAL in the upper-right corner and input the desired withdrawal amount.
Next, select Withdraw. Await the Mpesa confirmation notification for about two minutes.

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Yvone Kendi
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