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Flat6Labs’ Jana Ahmed Aboughaly Joins Flourish Ventures as an Investment Analyst

Flat6Labs’ Jana Ahmed Aboughaly has joined Flourish Ventures as an Investment Analyst as the firm moves to expand its global presence and strengthen its Africa operations.

The firm also appointed senior investment analysts Matt Kelly and Crystal Sun in the U.S., and two global operations team members, Charlee Brady, people operations associate and Garrett Chiem, senior associate.

On the investment team, Jana Ahmed Aboughaly, brings broad geographic knowledge and on-the-ground experience to the Africa team, Jana is focused on growing businesses to spur impact in emerging markets. Joining Flourish from seed and VC firm Flat6Labs, she has a background in venture investing and as a startup founder herself. A leader with Young African Catalysts, she has built a strong network of investors and entrepreneurs.

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Matt Kelly, Senior Investment Analyst is joining the Flourish U.S. team from FT Partners, a sell-side investment banking firm focused on fintech. Energized by the tenacity of fintech entrepreneurs revitalizing the American dream, he sources opportunities and explores new investment themes. He is also dedicated to connecting founders and building the ecosystem.

Crystal Sun, Senior Investment Analyst: Based in New York, Crystal support’s Flourish’s entire U.S. portfolio and the deal process from start to finish by sourcing, research, diligence, assessments, and execution. Before joining Flourish, she worked in the strategy and investor relations group at Goldman Sachs, helping to perform competitive landscaping and execute M&A deals. She is inspired by the conviction shared by all of Flourish’s entrepreneur partners – that what they are building can change the world. 

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On the operations team, Charlee Brady is the new People Operations Associate to make people across the Flourish network feel supported and taken care of. She helps portfolio companies build strong organizational cultures, planning events, developing major human resource functions, and running compliance systems. Prior to her full-time role, Charlee was a contract assistant for the Flourish team and a social media coordinator for a bridal design group.

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James Musoba
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