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Glenn Lurie Brings His Business Development and Mobility Industry Expertise to Venture Capital Firm Stormbreaker

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Glenn Lurie is the former president and CEO of AT&T Mobility. His leadership prowess and successful partnerships have made him an influential figure in the technology, media, and telecom (TMT) space.

Lurie has continued his impressive career at Stormbreaker Ventures. He became a partner at the mobility-focused venture capital firm in 2021. Lurie uses his start-up expertise to support Stormbreaker’s portfolio companies. As a seasoned leader in the TMT arena, he brings his mobility insights and people-first business philosophy to the role.

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Glenn Lurie’s Tech and Mobility Background

Lurie started his career in the early 1990s at McCaw Cellular. He worked his way up from an account executive position to become a marketing product manager. In 1993, he became a retail and business-to-business sales manager at AT&T Wireless’ Service Center.

From there, Lurie took on various leadership positions at AT&T. In the early 2000s, he played a crucial role in managing the AT&T partnership with Apple. This led to the introduction of the first iPhone and iPad on the AT&T network.

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Lurie was the president of AT&T’s Emerging Devices Organization (now the Internet of Things Organization) from 2008-11. He was responsible for building the organization as a start-up entity within AT&T Mobility. In this role, he oversaw operations, business development, and strategy. He also targeted, identified, and managed strategic partnerships with companies involved in the global emerging devices ecosystem.

From 2011-14, Lurie was the president of the Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships Organization. The new business unit focused on connecting applications and devices, such as cars, tablets, and wearables, to the AT&T network. He oversaw the development of AT&T’s Digital Life business and the launch of Aio Wireless (now Cricket Wireless). He was also responsible for AT&T’s day-to-day relationship with Apple.

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After several years as the president and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Operations, Lurie retired from his role in 2018. Driven by his passion for fostering innovation in mobility and supporting start-ups, he joined Stormbreaker Ventures.

Glenn Lurie Joins Early-Stage Venture Fund, Stormbreaker

Led by founder and managing partner Said Mia, Stormbreaker boasts a team of skilled investors and operators who wield over 150 years of aggregate experience.

Lurie, who Mia calls an accomplished and visionary leader, has supported Stormbreaker’s mission from the beginning.

Lurie has over 30 years’ experience scaling and spearheading multi-billion-dollar ventures. Stormbreaker’s portfolio companies benefit from Lurie’s expertise in leadership, strategic planning, and negotiation. His extensive business network is also a boon to innovative founders looking for potential partners and stakeholders.

On top of this, Lurie has a thorough understanding of the telecom industry and is skilled at spotting emerging technologies and trends. These qualities help Stormbreaker identify investment opportunities in the mobility and wireless ecosystem.

Stormbreaker believes these sectors will be the source of a new wave of “blockbuster companies.” Research by McKinsey supports this view, finding that mobility is “one of the hottest sectors.”

Glenn Lurie Gives Stormbreaker Mobility Sector Advantage

Stormbreaker Ventures invests in early-stage companies with the potential to transform and disrupt the mobility and wireless industries.

The mobility space encompasses computing and networking (including cloud services), transport, security, devices and sensors (for consumer and industrial use), machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things.

There are many investment opportunities in the growing mobility space. Stormbreaker believes it takes a practiced investor with industry insight to identify the start-ups with true growth potential in this sector (hence bringing Lurie onboard).

Lurie lends the venture capital firm a distinct competitive advantage. His impressive career history and strong reputation help Stormbreaker attract excellent mobility opportunities. Many founders in the mobility space seek out Lurie to work with him, and this gives Stormbreaker unprecedented sourcing power.

In addition, Lurie’s knowledge of the industry helps Stormbreaker judge how viable and scalable various investments are. His experience in building new businesses within larger organizations and his forward-looking perspective also make Lurie a valuable member of the Stormbreaker team.

Glenn Lurie Continues to Influence the Mobility Ecosystem

Stormbreaker offers its founders the kind of high-level support and diligence that often only entrepreneurs in large private equity portfolios can access.

Lurie has helped the company in this area too, enabling Stormbreaker to expedite its hands-on approach to start-up support. A down-to-earth yet enthusiastic mentor, Lurie abides by a strong set of values and believes wholeheartedly in Stormbreaker’s collaborative process.

Lurie continues to influence the mobility ecosystem as a partner at Stormbreaker, adding to his impactful career track record. His specialized expertise in the mobility industry will be priceless as mobility undergoes a “new age of innovation,” helping Stormbreaker position itself as a key player in the market’s future.

Follow Glenn Lurie on LinkedIn, where he shares insights from the TMT space.

About Glenn Lurie

Glenn Lurie earned a degree in Business and Marketing from Seattle Pacific University in 1987. His education gave him a strong grasp of principles and practices that have paved the way for his professional journey.

From his first roles in marketing and sales to his C-suite roles at AT&T Mobility, Lurie’s career achievements have helped shape the TMT industries. Today, he leverages his leadership and business development experience at Stormbreaker Ventures. As a Stormbreaker partner, Lurie advises and assists early-stage mobility-focused companies.

During his time at AT&T, Lurie developed his leadership style, which is based on his “three Ps” philosophy: people, purpose, and passion. He believes that people are an organization’s most important asset, and passion can motivate employees to contribute to the success of a company. Meanwhile, purpose helps individuals understand how they fit into the larger framework of an organization.

The “three Ps” philosophy continues to guide Lurie’s work ethic today. His motto is: “Great people and great teams can always find a way to win.”

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