YouTube Releases Updated Eraser Tool to Empower Creators

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YouTube recently announced the launch of its improved Eraser Song tool, designed to give creators more control over their content.

This innovative feature allows creators to easily remove copyrighted music from their videos, without sacrificing the integrity of other audio elements like dialogue or sound effects.

“We’re thrilled to provide creators with this powerful tool,” said YouTube CEO Neal Mohan. “The updated Erase Song tool empowers creators to address copyright claims while preserving the creative vision of their videos.”

Previously in beta testing, the Eraser Song tool has undergone significant advancements. YouTube has implemented a powerful AI-powered algorithm to precisely identify and remove copyrighted music, ensuring minimal disruption to the audio quality of the remaining content.

While the Eraser Song tool boasts exceptional accuracy, YouTube acknowledges there may be instances where complete removal proves difficult. The platform offers creators additional options, such as muting specific sections of the video containing copyrighted material.

Upon successful editing using the Eraser Song tool, creators can expect the removal of the content ID claim associated with their video. This claim, employed by YouTube to identify copyrighted material, can restrict viewership and monetization.

With the launch of the Eraser Song tool, YouTube says it continues its dedication to empowering creators and fostering a thriving creative community.

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