Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Tag: Google Play Store

You Can Now Use Google Maps To Check The Air Quality In Your Region

To help with this, Google has released a function that allows you to check the air quality before leaving for your vacation destination. This new Google Maps feature, which was

Google announced #LookMeUp To Encourage African Female Entrepreneurs In Support Of International Women’s Month

Google said that as part of its celebration of International Women's Month in March, it would launch a new integrated campaign called

Google Has Started Rolling Out The Locked Feature In Photos For Non-Pixel Users

The company in September announced that the feature would be rolling out to more Android phones soon and now it has started to show up on some Samsung and OnePlus devices, reports Android Central.

7 Interesting Things You Probably Don’t Know Google Search Can Do

Regular searches are helpful, but they don’t even scratch the surface of Google’s abilities. Sometimes, your basic search inquiries may not be

Google Has Launched An App In Kenya That Let’s People Get Paid After Completing Tasks

Google has just launched TaskMate, a crowdsourcing app that lets people use smartphones to do tasks and get paid, in Kenya after a year-long experiment in the East African country

Google Has Removed Apps From Play Store That Were Stealing Facebook Login Details

The malware apps offered useful services like photo editing and framing, exercise and training, horoscopes and removal of unwanted files from Android devices.

Google Announced That It Will Start Enrolling Users Without Two-Step Verification

Google announced that it will start enrolling users without two-step verification. In a bid to boost the security...

Google’s Photo Unlimited Free Storage To End This Month

This meant that you could keep your Google Photos settings at high-quality uploads, and your Android phone would continue uploading unlimited photos and videos that won't count against your Google account storage