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Google announced #LookMeUp To Encourage African Female Entrepreneurs In Support Of International Women’s Month

by Vanessa Waithera
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Google announced #LookMeUp to encourage African female entrepreneurs in support of international women’s month.

Google said that as part of its celebration of International Women’s Month in March, it would launch a new integrated campaign called #LookMeUp to highlight its support for Africa’s female entrepreneurs.

According to Google in a blog post:

 “Africa is a hotbed of female entrepreneurship. Women make up 58% of small and medium-sized business (SMB) entrepreneurs on the continent. Despite those high rates of entrepreneurship, women-run businesses have, on average, 34% lower profits than those run by their male counterparts. They’re also less likely to receive funding and investment, to say nothing of the digital gender divide in access to internet connectivity, and a lack of financial security.”

Many African women, according to Google, lack the financial security to establish and run a successful business. It also argues that many SMEs lack the skills necessary to effectively pitch their firms for funding or identify prospective sources of financial assistance.

Hence Throughout March, Google’s Google Hustle Academy boot camp series will include a women-only cohort to help women-owned small companies thrive through boosting revenue, positioning for investment, and establishing a long-term business.

New Primer mini-courses for women-led small and medium-sized enterprises will also be introduced by Google (SMBs

In addition to the above-mentioned skill-development activities, Google’s #LookMeUp campaign will help to increase the exposure of women-led African enterprises. It will begin a campaign encouraging women to register their firms on Google Business Profile as part of this. Consumers may now use the women-led characteristic to expressly search for women-led companies near them (for example, “women-led restaurants near me”). These businesses should be in a better position than ever to be found.

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