Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Tag: Tinder

How to Use the Tinder ‘Video Chat Feature’.

Tinder is the most widely used dating app for people looking for people who meet their dating...

How to Search for Someone on Tinder.

Have you ever thought you'd found "the one," only to have them slip through your fingers? Or,...

Tinder Is Letting Users Chat Before They Match

The app has launched a game called Hot Takes that connects potential spouses in a speed dating-style game that’s now available every day from 6 PM-midnight local time

Tinder Has Come Up With A New Feature That Would Let You Avoid People Who Know You

It is not a pleasant feeling to run into your cousin or your ex-boyfriend on a dating app. That is your personal space and you would not want anyone to know about it

Tinder Has Announced It’s Rolling Out A New Feature That Will Detect Offensive Language

The company has announced that it is now rolling out a new “Are you sure?” feature that will detect offensive language and force users to ponder over it

Tinder Will Ask Daters To Review Their Potentially Offensive Messages Before Sending

Tinder’s newest safety feature attempts to reduce the number of hateful messages sent on its platform. The...

Tinder Partners With Lyft To Encourage Real Life Dating

Tinder may not be able to guarantee that chemistry on a dating app will translate into a...

Tinder is Giving Away Free Covid Tests

Tinder is giving 500 users a pair of free mail-in COVID-19 test kits — one for them...